Camelot Social Club was formed to provide a safe and fun lifestyle community for all people!


***************NYE Announcement*************
Sorry to announce that we have received many threats over the last week from the City of Rock Hill that if we went through with our NYE Party they were going to show up and make us shut down! Our attorney feels that they will not show up until 11pm and that is when they can shut us down in accordance to the latest Governor’s mandate from 11-25-20! That being said we DO NOT want to cause any of our friends and members any type of hassle. We tried our best to make this happen and you better believe it makes us sick to give in but we do not want to cause you any problems or expense…Hopefully this will be over very soon…

****** If you have prepaid for the party please contact and she will be able to credit your card*****

We MUST have a signed waiver on file for each person attending one of our events.
Click HERE to open it in a new tab.

We intend on bringing the Swinging Lifestyle back stronger than ever to the Charlotte area by holding monthly affordable parties in a safe and controlled environment where you can be yourself, dress as sexy as you want and have fun with other likeminded people in the lifestyle.

Our long term goal is to eventually have a permanent on premises club that you all can call home. In the meantime we will need everyone’s support to make this a reality so please join us at our monthly events and tell your friends about Camelot Social Club…